Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fulfilling Saturday

We decided to go Stateland cafe a go this time to try the waffles ice cream.
Boyfriend ordered the Black Forest Waffle while I got S'more Waffle.
It was quite disappointing and I didn't really like it.

After our lunch, we headed down to Marina Barrage.
Thinking that we haven been there for quite sometimes so I suggested to go there.
Boyfriend also borrowed kite from his friend.
It was a very windy and I managed to fly it up but not very high.
Need to find somewhere whereby there are not much people and kites around so we can easily fly it.
Marina Barrage is quite crowded.

It was a beautiful evening.

We had dinner at Satay by the Bay.
It was my first time there and we tried one of the steamboat store.
Hopefully, I could try the other local food there in future.

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