Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Every meeting just spoilt one's mood

Aint a good day today as you can see the subject.
I OT-ed until 8pm today.
Alot of bangala at that place sial.
Its scary when i am trying to flag a cab.
And its hard to get a cab there also loh.. =/

Anyway, the reason why i OT is because i have to finish my bloody project loh.
During meeting, supervisor insisted me to finish it up by TML.
After bargaining, he gave me until Friday.

You know what he say?

He said he dont wan to force me.
But the words all come out to me = forcing.. *roll eyes*
I really wonder if he know what he's talking anot.
Haix nvm..
I'll be leaving soon so i shall ENDURE~~

Anyway, this is my team that work together until 11.30pm with me last Friday.

Me, Shari, Aparna, Jonathan (supervisor) and Desmond.

I look like super shag sial.. -.-"

That's all for the day..
3 posts in a day..
Just to cover up for the days that i haven been blogging. ;)

Going sleep now.
Work tml again..
2 more days till WeekEnd~!

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