Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meetup with Xian & Shanny :)

Woke up early and met Hui San in school to format com.
Helped Lixian to format her com too.
As for my com, it become worse after formatting.
Well, should listen to dear's advice - to go to Acer straight for repair. =/

Huisan wanted to help her friend to capture video clips.
So we went to the mac lab to do it.
In the end, after so much trouble and also with Wen Yang's help, she still cant save the file into her hard drive.
So we decided to give up.

WenYang drive us to AMK mrt station, and we took a train down to City Hall to meet up with Xian at Marina Square.
Had our dinner at Xing Wang HK Cafe.
Eh, i didnt know that there's HK cafe at Marina Square until the 2 bring me there. LOL!
Anyway ate and chatted.
Whoop, its like 28days since i meetup with them.
Had alot of fun chat and laughter together. Hahaha..

HuiSan went to Godiva to get some free chocolate for us.
Man, you should see hw much a piece of small chocolate cost.
Lixian and me keep thinking heartache ah..
But the chocolate is nice. :D
Thanks Hui San!

After which, we just shopped around Marina Square looking Cardigan for Lixian.
At ard 9.30pm, we parted and headed back home.

Even though, its juz a short period of time in a day.
But i hope we'll do some catch up again soon.
Misses. :D

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