Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A Year to Remember

Hi~ Its a raining day at end of year..
Hmm.. I haven been logging in for more than 2 months!
Since its coming to the end of 2017, I reckon that I should drop by to pen down the happening of this year.

I stepped into the 30s this year and i am not too shy to say that.
Well, its a journey in life.
I guess this is the peak year of my life.
Most of the awesome things happened in this year.

In May, I travelled to London for business trip for a week.
Its a semi solo trip and I always wanted to experience solo trip.
It was a rare opportunity and good experience.
I will not pester my family that I want to go on solo trip in future after this time. :p

In June, I got married to G and this brings our life to the next level.
Though, we still have not really live together permanently as our house is not done yet.
But soon, in a few months time, we will be collecting our home keys.
I’m excited!

In the same month, June, I officially graduated with a bachelor degree.
I can still vividly remember I submitted my dissertation last year October.
During the progess, its seems really long but actually 16 months of study past by really fast before I even knew it!
Thinking back, its been a year plus I left the school! O.O

In July, G and I went for a short holiday aka mini honeymoon at Taiwan.
This holiday is also to take a break - Relax and Rejuvenate.
We went Kenting, Hsinchu and Taipei.
It is the first time we experienced summer in Taiwan and I guess it will be the first and last. Haha~

We had our honeymoon on December.
We traveled to Europe and Dubai and had many first experience together.
First snow experience, first sledging, first white Christmas, first desert experience, etc...
We had an awesome time spent during that trip.
Oh, and I bought my first LV bag, not 1 bag but 2 bags!
Spent about 5k! I think I’m crazy~ T-T

Other than these, lady luck has been quite good to me these year.
I hope that it will continue next year too. :p

In 2018, I look forward to our new home.
Also I have plan to see Sakura in Japan. Hopefully, I can go as planned. :D
Don’t think I can think of resolutions for the new year 那就顺其自然吧。

I hope you have an awesome 2018 too!
See you.. :)

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