Friday, March 03, 2017

Wedding: Wedding Cards

It's already March! Left 3 months and 1 week to go..
Its scary when you feels that the days are getting nearer.

I am going to talk about the wedding cards.
T Dragon Cards is Novotel's wedding card supplier.
Last month, G and I headed down to T Dragon which located at AMK to select our wedding cards.

It is a small office space and lucky for us, it wasn't crowded then.
We looked for a table to settle down and one of the lady handed us a file containing many different wedding invitation card designs.
All the cards we saw wasn't very impressive so we really had a hard time choosing.
G then saw one customer collected his wedding card and it was like love at first sight for him.

Ended up, we got that design that he saw but we need to top up for the design.
Initially, I guess no one really care about the card because mostly people just take and throw.
But I still go along with it because the price difference isn't really that much.

2 weeks ago, we gotten the printed card and was very happy with the wedding card.
We decide to keep 1 for ourselves for memory because it is really pretty.

Today, because I met Tommy for dinner so I gaave out my first red bomb to him. :D
He was all ready to accept it. Haha..
Soon, I will slowly give out the invites.

So is it. ^^

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