Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Too Tired To Do Anything

I have quite a long list of To Do stuff but I haven really got time to do it.
I feel so tired everyday after work nowadays and I don't even know why.
Maybe age is catching up???
After my last assignment submission, most of the days I slept before 12AM (Weekdays).
It's a good and healthy thing but my to do list will be pushed behind.

Firstly, my annual trip is in 2 weeks time and my itinerary is still not done.
I feel like just fuxk it, go there and walk aimlessly.
However, I can't as I am someone who believes in planning ahead.
Oh well, my luggage is not packed too.
I am excited to go on the holiday, but the preparation makes me feels sick.

Secondly, my whole backlog of blog posts (Hokkaido trip, Bandung trip, wedding stuffs) that I need to blog about.
I just can't find the feel to write it.
Arranging the photos and resizing them are a hassle!

Thirdly, my wedding stuff!
For now, most of the things are done.
I hope I didn't miss out other important things...
Now, I left with the discussion with my bridesmaids.

Then, I also need to find time to exercise!
I left with less than 8 months to slim down for my wedding.
Don't say that I am slim enough because I am not!!!

Last but not least, I need to pack my room!
Maybe I'll do this coming Saturday.

Other things that I wanna do like drama-ing, completing my games and coloring which I couldn't even find time to do it.
Wish I can split myself up so that I can do everything at one go.

Sidetrack a little, today I had meeting with my boss to discuss on the appraisal for FY17.
And she wanted me to think of a personal goal.
I was like..... I really don't know what kind of goal I can think of.
Hope that I can squeeze something out by Friday lor.. (Sibei Reluctant)

So yeah..
That's about it.
Just ranting only.

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