Sunday, October 04, 2015

Queensland - A Day Trip in Brisbane 2014

I've been squeezing my brain juice for the whole day to write my assignment.
So I thought I'll stopped for awhile and take a break.
And I'm back again with the backdated Gold Coast post.
By the way, this will be the second last post.

On the sixth day, we headed down to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.
It was also the last day that QW's friend with us.
She drove us to Brisbane.

My morning face, you can see that my makeup is getting lesser and lesser as the day goes by..

Before heading to Brisbane, we dropped by Yatala Pies to have breakfast.
And if I don't remember wrongly, I ordered the Chicken and Vegetable Pie.
It tastes good!

I can't remember how long was the journey to Brisbane.
Dropped off at the South Bank Parkland.
And our day trip revolves around the area.
Guess I'll let the photos do the talking.

From the Goodwill bridge, we took a ferry to the other side of South bank.
The whole area is separate by a river.

The above photo is the Story Bridge.
The below photo is The Wheel of Brisbane.
Look at the cloud and the sky is bluer there! :)

After a long long walk, we finally reach the Story Bridge.

And I saw my company phone booth and decided to snap a photo.

Then I spotted my office building in Brisbane! Haha..
I was only working there for about 7months when I was in Brisbane!
Time flies~

After walking and shopping at Queens Street Mall, we took a train back to Gold Coast.

#Selfie during the long train ride.
FYI, we boarded at the Brisbane Central Station and alighted at Nerang.
From stop A, we took bus 740 towards Cypress Avenue.
From there, we took a tram towards University Hospital (GLKN route).

The tram stop - Main Beach station.
We went for some shopping again before heading back to our apartment.

Ending this post with our dinner of the day - Pizza with Australian beer.

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