Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friendster VS FaceBook

I guess most of the people have heard of Facebook already.
Friendster and Facebook are quite popular among teenagers nowadays.
Comparing Friendster and Facebook, I guess Facebook is much more fun than Friendster.
Why do I say so?
It is because Facebook have a lot of applications to add and to play.
While Friendster, you can only add testimonial, view people's profile only.
I guess most of you will agree with me.

Even though Facebook is much more fun than Friendster, Facebook is still quite new and I guess there still some bugs in the applications.
Due to so many applications, Facebook sometimes lags, if not they will show errors.
I sometimes feel irritated by it and just close the whole web.
I don’t know if it is a good thing to have so many things applications in Facebook but whatever is it, Facebook is really fun.

Nowadays I seldom log into Friendster.
And if I log on, I won’t stay longer than 30mins.
On the other hand, I spend much more time on Facebook to play the applications.
Everyday, friends will request applications for me to add.
I will never stop adding those applications. Haha...

Well, that’s about the topic for this post.
Friendster or Facebook? You choose. :)

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