Monday, October 09, 2017

Relocation to New Workplace

I had relocated from town area office to a ulu office.
Actually it was my decision as the town area office are changing to hot desk whereby there is no more perm desk.
Moreover, my other teammates are in the east office now so I guess its better to join them.

It's my 3rd week now.
Started in new office on 26 September 2017.
I can list the pros and cons.
Travelling from home to office is shorter trip and food are cheaper now.
However, I dislike the food choices in the place.
And if the weather is wet, then it will be very troublesome as the place is not sheltered.
I need to take an umbrella and my covered shoes will be wet. :(

Anyway, no point ranting over it now.
Just hope that one day, they will move us all back to town which I feel its impossible.

Goodbye old desk which is bigger. As you can see I cleared off many stuff away. Haha..

New desk now. Dislike the low partition and the desk is smaller. :(

That's all.

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