Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Term 2!

Finally, Term 2 ended!
This term seems so long...
The 3600 words assignment is crazy!
I don't think I fare well in the MCQ test because I changed many right answers to the wrong one. :(
And today we had presentation.
Luckily, we did well! I seriously hope we did well because the lecturer did not shoot us any questions at all.
Before the presentation, we were all very anxious.
I have not done presentation since my poly days..
Anyway, I am thankful to have a great team!

Feeling really shag but its over for the time being.
Gonna have 3 weeks of term break, before the craziness starts again!
Looking at the timetable of Term 3, I'm gonna have super Monday blues. D;
Let me not think about it now.
Just keep calm and enjoy my term break! :D

My team mates and I.
Total 8 of us for the group presentation.
Took this before presentation, and we don't really look anxious at all right? Haha..

We planned to have a drink after our presentation.
They said to drown our sorrows due to our MCQ.
However, I guess our presentation made us felt happier and we ended up chilling. Haha~

Hopefully, I can 顺顺利利 pass my Term 2 modules, I seriously don't care about the grades just let me pass will do..
Heard that the final results will be out only after Term 3. D;

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